Meeting Alfie Deyes!

They say never meet your heroes. I broke that rule today.

Today I had the distinct pleasure of meeting one of my favorite YouTubers, Alfie Deyes.

This is Alfie:


I have watched his channel for about two-ish years now, and his humor and love for life has kept me laughing and smiling. The hype around YouTube celebrities is truly impressive. The girls and boys I saw around me ranged all ages and classes and maturity, yet somehow this one guy has managed to touch each one of their lives for a thousand different reasons.

On some level, I feel almost guilty for participating in meet-and-greets, because I can understand how stressful being around that many people can be. Especially when so many of them scream or cry when they see him. It must be startling at times.

When I met him, he seemed genuinely kind, though a bit tired, as he had probably been standing there for a couple of hours. I said hello, asked if he was enjoying Boston, thanked him for everything he does, smiled, and that was the end of our exchange.

I can honestly say that it was great to meet him, and it was a good reminder that no matter how famous anyone is, they are still just a human being, same as anyone else.

If you want to check out Alfie’s channel, click here.



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