About 22

Wanderlust: /ˈwɒndəˌlʌst/ (n) a very stong or irresistable urge to travel; a desire to rove about

This blog was born out of an agreement with my best friend to blog every day for all of 2015. More than that, though, I hope this blog will allow me to share thoughts, ideas, and hopes with a larger community.

I’ve called it Wanderlust because, while being born in America, I have an itch to travel all around the world. After visiting Israel and Jordan with my family, parts of Europe with my high school, and living in London for three months, I discovered a love for the people and places I’ve never met nor seen.

Outside of travel, my time is consumed by my university studies (International Affairs and Economics), as well as my passions for painting, drawing, photography, reading (especially Jane Austen), watching films of all kinds.

I cannot wait to see where this goes, and I hope you enjoy the journey as well!

All the best,



6 thoughts on “About 22

  1. We are extremely similar! I, too, have made a “resolution” to post everyday of 2015, Austen is my favorite novelist by far, I’m studying Economics, a good deal of my free time is devoted to creating visual art, and wanderlust may as well be my middle name. In fact, our only notable difference is that you’ve lived in London, and I have not — though I desperately want to. The plan is to pluck up the courage and funds to move there by August of this year! Fingers crossed. I’d love to swap stories with you, and I look forward to keeping up with your posts. Good luck!


    • Hello!! Hope this finds you well. I’m so glad we’ve found stuff in common. I had a look at your blog and I was floored by the first piece I read– He is. Stunning! I can’t wait to read more of your work. What sort of art do you do besides writing? For August, do you know where you would live in London? And I would love to hear about where you’ve traveled. I’m actually in the throes of applying to study abroad in London starting in September, so perhaps we’ll be there at the same time 🙂 Let me know how it goes. Cheers!


      • Thank for the kind words about He is, I take them to heart! Aside from writing, I dabble in visual art, mostly pen sketches in a notebook and oil painting– I’m going through a phase right now with imitating Van Gogh’s style. I’m also an avid singer-songwriter. Regarding London, I’m hoping to live in Putney! Otherwise, somewhere cheaper without sacrificing liveliness or getting too seedy. I’m actually debating whether I should use a study abroad program to go, or transfer to a school there, or just take time off of school for a while. Any wise words for me? What University will you be studying at? Where else in Europe do you want to go?

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      • Van Gogh’s work is amazing. I had the opportunity to see “Starry Night” up close while I was at the MoMA in Manhattan last week. I would love to see some of your work.
        The quote I’ve found inspiring when thinking about travel is from Anthony Bourdain: “If you’re twenty-two, physically fit, hungry to learn and be better, I urge you to travel – as far and as widely as possible. Sleep on floors if you have to. Find out how other people live and eat and cook. Learn from them – wherever you go.” (Fun fact- that is where the 22 came from) I think it applies to more than just 22-year-olds, but I really appreciate what he is saying. For the options you’re considering, I think they are all good options. Even though I’m not that far into university, I still wonder what it would feel like to take a year off and just learn by being in a different culture. Using study abroad is good because it gives you something concrete to focus on, while still allowing you to enjoy the city. Same for transferring. Hope this helps!
        As for myself, I am trying for LSE (London School of Economics). I really want to travel all over Europe. France and Italy are high on my list, since I speak both languages, as is Scotland, which is where most of my ancestors came from. I think visiting places like Norway and Russia would be awesome, and going to places that are far removed from the world. What about you? Any particular countries or cities you’re dying to see?


      • I’m so jealous that you’ve seen Starry Night… I recently pained an imitation with a twist, which is now hanging in my dorm room (I’ll send you pictures when I get my new camera!).

        Thank you for sharing that quote with me, I really resonate with it. I keep alternating between feeling like I’m over thinking how to travel and under thinking it, but those words gave me some clarity, which is rare for a college freshman! I often find that simplifying my decisions, my work, my essays, my life, etc. produces a better result– the catch is it’s easier said than done.

        LSE is my DREAM for graduate school! The ten-ish year plan is to move to London after my undergrad and live/work there for 3 years until my dual citizenship with the EU lets me study there for “in state” tuition.

        I think France and Italy are excellent places to start in Europe! I’ve been to France, but I didn’t stay long enough or see enough of it to really immerse myself in the culture. I’m jealous you speak the language! I’ve not been to Italy, but I want to because it’s always been this passion-steeped mystery to me. That’s probably the country I’m most eager to backpack through! I agree that all of Europe is fair game to travel, and I share your interest in Norway and Russia! There’s something about mountains and fjords, I think. My heritage lies in Latvia, where I used to spend my summers, so I’ll have to go back for a while. Also, Croatia is pretty high on my list. The place seems severely underrated, quiet, and stunning. Oh, and Vienna and Berlin during Christmas time!

        What are your aspirations career-wise? Where’s your top destination outside of Europe? Tell me more about your photography!

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  2. Vienna would be amazing!! I’m glad the quote helped 🙂 And I definitely want to see photos of your painting!
    I’m not sure what I want to do after university. I want to work in the U.K. or in Europe, I think, or at least somewhere that allows me to travel a lot. Maybe the UN? I don’t know. I’m still looking I guess. I know I definitely do not want to stay in the States for the rest of my life.
    Outside of Europe, I really want to see Egypt, or Tibet. Those places that one of my high school teachers talked about constantly, so I want to see them for myself. Also, I would love to travel through Patagonia/Argentina. My dad has photos in his office that I grew up staring at, and the views look breathtaking.
    My photography is something I enjoy while travelling mostly, to create an account of where I’ve been. Most of the time I focus on the architecture or place itself, but I’ve recently taken to looking at the people. I want to start photographing in Boston, but we’ll see if that happens.
    What is your favorite subject to paint? And for your sketches, do you look at other paintings in museums, or whatever is outside?


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