365 Days: Accomplished


365 days. 365 posts. That was the challenge I set out for myself at the beginning this year. And what a year it has been. I have blogged for the entire year, once a day, through every up and down I faced-and I am so glad I did. It was a year of triumphs and defeat, depression and joy, tears and smiles.

I’ve learned some of the ropes of university, embraced a part of my identity that I had previously feared, landed my first ‘real-world’ job, and fallen in love. That is the broadest overview possible, but this blog encompasses my year of trials and successes.

It has been such a journey to share, and I have loved the comments and feedback I have received from everyone-it has never failed to make me smile.

In the New Year, I think I will be switching to a twice a week posting system, as every day did sometimes prove to be a struggle. But I’m not going anywhere-drop me a line to say hello or if you have suggestions for things you want to see!

May your 2016 be filled with joy and love and the best of luck 🙂

Happy New Year!



Wind Chimes

Silver pipes played by the hand of the wind are a permanent fixture at my home. The clanging echoes around our house, keeping me company in the quiet hours of the night. Deep tones come from the old sliding glass door at the deck, while a higher pitched song dances from the green front door. Sometimes storms roll through and throw the chimes into a frenzy. And other times, when the air is still and the sun is high in the sky, the chimes stand silent to listen to the crashing ocean across the street.