Thoughts from 40,000ft

 Watching the world fly by from the window seat is incredible. From this height I can see the beginning of the curve of the earth and the ground seems so far away. Are we closer to the stars of the burning heart of the universe or the stars of fabricated and fickle electricity? Can we drag them down to us? The winter haze has set in across the surface, blending the horizon to a dark smudged line, where ground and sky are indiscernible from the other. And above that? The vast expanse of inky sky with blazing stars flickering in their dance across the sky. I see Orion and Cassiopeia, and the tail of Ursa Major just touches the horizon, connecting the mortality of humanity to the immortality of stardust. We travel at 600 miles an hour, but everything seems transfixed by the unblemished view we have of the cosmos. I wished on every star I saw, more than I could count, and on the ones I couldn’t see. The stars made me weep and wish for your warmth, for your hand in mine, your voice in my ear. Do they look the same where you stand? I float above the clouds, while you are stare up from the ground.


my soul cries out

The train pulls away from the station

taking my heart 

and leaving me standing on the platform

with silent tears streaming down my cheeks. 

Heavy feet carry me out of the station

and into the cool night air

where the stars and moon stare down 

as passive observers to my anguish.

My soul cried out in agony

begging to be returned 

to its beloved,

and every step that takes me further

away from you

slowly tears apart my chest

until the dam splits and is rendered useless.

I stand alone on the dark and empty commons

weeping and wishing for your warmth

and your hand in mine.

My soul eagerly awaits the day

it once again stands before you

full to the point of overflowing with love.

Barefaced Burning Blue Gaze

You have eyes the color of the Pacific

just as the sun dips below

the horizon

and the thunder heads roll across

the surface of the ocean.

The wind is kicking up the


and tossing waves into


A hammered blue steel surrounds the

wide darkness of your pupils,

a midnight kissed with flecks of stardust

and populated with flashes of lightening.

My skin was burning where your fingers traced,

across my stomach

down the lines in my back

against the softness of my cheek.

The electric current racing over the

roaring of my heart and mind.

Then a stillness appears,

like the pause between breaths

the lull of the wind

the gap between the sets of waves.

I look into your eyes

and I am speechless,

held in your barefaced burning blue gaze.