Christmas Day on the Beach

A California Christmas Day  
Egrets off the Lagoon

A puppy’s curiosity 


1 December


the last sigh at the sunset of the year.

Boston has lost its leaves

and the dying sun paints the bricks with dwindling light.

The air bites, cold and vicious

yet becomes a constant companion

walking through the raw streets. 

Contentment filters into my heart,

slowly infiltrating my being,

and filling me with warmth

as I walk beside you.

Your warm hand tethered to mine

and small breaths puffing colorless into the frigid air. 

The world rushed around us

all in a hurry to arrive and be out of the cold.

Welcome to December

full of well wishers and merry makers

yet none so full of joy as us.


Before I Kick the Proverbial Bucket

As I was scrolling through Pinterest in my copious amounts of free time (insert sarcasm here), I came across a story of a young woman who died in a car crash, and whose heart went to a 64- year old woman suffering from congestive heart disease. According to the Huffington Post article, Susan Vieira, who received the heart, has promised to fulfill Kristina Chesterman’s bucket list. This story got me thinking more seriously about my own bucket list, and what I want to accomplish before I die, at least outside my school/professional life.

My bucket list is pitifully brief, consisting of a whopping 12 ‘to-dos’. I tend to forget to write down my ideas, which means I’ll have these things I want to do, but never recall what exactly they were…

After writing out some of my ideas, the list currently stands as:

  1. Spend Christmas in New York
  2. Gallop on a beach
  3. See the Northern Lights
  4. Watch the New Year ball drop in Times Square
  5. Be an extra on a film
  6. Visit Scotland
  7. Go cliff jumping
  8. Spend time in as many countries as possible
  9. Shake hands with the Queen
  10. Cycle through cities in Europe
  11. Spend a night under the stars
  12. Volunteer for an international organization

Travel is obviously a large part of what I want to do, and being outside is huge. As much as I love doing things inside, between watching movies and Internet-ing, I love being outside. Surfing, hiking, climbing, running, cycling, skiing, snowboarding, and many other activities claim my attention. I hope to at least complete these, and add to the list as my life continues.

If you have a bucket list, which item are you looking forward to the most?