Music Appreciation: Walk Off The Earth

Home We’ll Go by Walk off the Earth


My Skin is Full of Words

If I fill my arms with words

will they distract me long enough

Long enough for the next assignment

the next meeting, the next exam to 

Consume my thoughts and divert

My attentions.

My skin is swarming with letters

scrawled in haste and meticulously placed.

People stare when I walk by, with just a slight tilt of the head

And I wonder which words have

Caught their gaze.

Is it the block of lyrics adorning my left forearm

The disconnected words circling my wrist

The quote inscribed over old scars.

Script connected by miniscule sketches

The phrases and verses that are

renewed with the sunrise.

Yesterday’s are scrubbed away

And today’s demons are fought with new lines.