Legend of the Seasons: Autumn

Autumn’s reserved demeanor made her the most difficult to find. She knew the world better than nearly anyone else, and knew all the best places to find peace and quiet. While occasionally tiptoeing on the outskirts of Summer’s parties, she much preferred the company of a few people at a time. Those fortunate enough to spend a great deal of time with Autumn enjoyed the sensational views from the tops of mountains and the sweeping lowlands. Her favourite place to take her friends was the summits of the West from which you could see the heights bursting with the colours of fiery sunsets. Autumn loved to hear the leaves rustle and the branches creak and the fir-boughs chime, and would send gusts into the forests to conduct their melodies. Her one regret was not having made friendly with Winter, so she always made sure to leave gifts for Winter to find when she travelled from her Northern home.