Humdrum and Hummingbirds 

 In between classes I had the chance to dash over to the MFA and have a look at the new pieces added to the collection. 






It is strange to have a day off in the middle of the week. In my entire school career, I never had a snow day because we never got snow. I thought snow days sounded fun; I mean who doesn’t want a day off? In reality, it seems to be a little bit anticlimactic. The view from my window is amazing, and I went on a walk with my friend around Boston. Other than the wind chapping my cheeks, the walk was beautiful.

The city seems to be sleeping under its white coat. That, or it’s holding its breath, waiting for the storm to pass. Everything is shut down, there are very few cars on the roads, and not many people walking around. I think the city looks magnificent and snow makes the buildings look like they were taken from some European country…then again I’m not the one that is shovelling the snow or driving through it.

One good thing about having a snow day is that I have more time to get work done. I think I finished my Microeconomics and Statistics homework in record time, leaving all afternoon for writing and painting. Yay!

What would you do if you had a snow day?