A Frozen Peace

The woods outside my door

Are begging me to plunge into their

Snow covered depths,

With fresh fallen powder 

To crunch beneath my boots. 

The still and frozen air

Is heavy with the silence

Of a thousand stifled thoughts.

My heart thuds quietly in my chest

And my breath fogs the space around me

Before being whisked away on the breeze. 

Fallen trees and hardy saplings 

Provide an obstacle course for my 

Hike among the bowing trees. 

Nature holds its breath

On the late December day,

Its furious frozen temper


And for a moment the world 

Is at peace

While I am left longing for the peace of your presence. 


Simplicity of Interaction


“I am beginning to learn that it is the sweet, simple things of life which are the real ones after all.”

Laura Ingalls Wilder

Happy Easter!

I found this while I was going through old photos on my computer, and it reminded me of how happy I have been. There is such a simple happiness displayed in the interaction between the elderly man and his dog, and I remember that day being so incredibly peaceful. It makes me miss that summer terribly.

Anyways, onwards into our new week, full of new beginnings and surprises!



The campus chapel bells toll,

Their chimes heard bouncing off the buildings

and the window panes.

I stop and listen

to the peaceful, hopeful sound.

We’ve made it twelve hours now.

Their longest sounding of the day

with clamor blasting through fray.

How glorious is the harmony

‘twix blaring sound and sanguine tenor

that dare not fail

midst rain nor sleet

nor snow nor