A Puppy in the Snow

 My puppy looked very majestic on our walk through the snow today, so I thought I would share:



Domestic, and in Love

Your puppy woke us up that morning,

tucking her cold nose between our bodies and tickling us with her whiskers.

You pulled me under your arm and gently kissed me awake, 

threw the blankets off us both

and stood up.

I watched you from my curled up position, 

marveling at your magnificence,

and counting myself the luckiest to see you

with sunlight streaming in.

It was so very domestic

to see you dress,

and play with the puppy,

and dance around each other making breakfast,

and sip coffee while reading the news,

and absentmindely brush your hair behind your ear. 

In that moment,

I forgot.

I forgot that it wasn’t our house

that I had exams and studying to finish

that it wasn’t always like this

that this wasn’t how life had always been.

I forgot everything

but you.

And remembered that life could be like that

if we made it so.

I gazed at you with the puppy at our feet,

and my heart lept with delight

in knowing it belongs to you. 

Thank You Technology

It’s strange being away from family on important occasions, like birthdays or graduations or announcements. Today is my Dad’s birthday, and I am sat talking to him through FaceTime. It’s great technology has advanced to a point where we can communicate this easily over long distances, but it is never quite the same. The time difference always plays a part, though staying up is a price I am more than willing to pay. I miss my family dearly, but I still am happy with the choice I made to go to school so far away. At least with technology I can see my family and my puppy, and wish my Dad a happy birthday!


Meet Gizmo!

When I was on holiday over Christmas, my family adopted a rescue dog, kind of out-of-the-blue. She was found on a city street with Parvo and a hundred other problems that have thankfully been resolved. She was one tough little girl! Meet Gizmo:


She is a black labrador mixed with something smaller, though we’re not sure what. Gizmo is around five months old and absolutely adorable, as well as ‘dangerously’ intelligent. Being on holiday meant that I took care of her most of the time, since my siblings were at school and my parents were working or running errands. When she wasn’t tearing about the house with her excess of puppy energy, she was the best snuggler; often her head would be tucked up under my chin while she napped and I read my books.

Anyways, now that I’m back at university, I no longer have my snuggle buddy…*sad face*. My mum does post the occasional photo or video of her, so I do get to see her sometimes. Good grief, I sound like a parent or something. My apologies.

I rang my mum yesterday to chat since I’ve been busy, and she told me that Gizmo has taken to stealing my sister’s socks and hiding in my old room to chew them to bits. I think it’s funny, but I’m not the one dealing with socks full of holes and the bad behavior. My mum said that Gizmo misses me, which I didn’t realize would happen. I thought she would not notice my leaving when she has four other people to play with. I guess she is more perceptive than I gave her credit for.

Do you have any pets? Dogs, cats, or something else entirely? I’d love to hear in the comments!