365 Days: Accomplished


365 days. 365 posts. That was the challenge I set out for myself at the beginning this year. And what a year it has been. I have blogged for the entire year, once a day, through every up and down I faced-and I am so glad I did. It was a year of triumphs and defeat, depression and joy, tears and smiles.

I’ve learned some of the ropes of university, embraced a part of my identity that I had previously feared, landed my first ‘real-world’ job, and fallen in love. That is the broadest overview possible, but this blog encompasses my year of trials and successes.

It has been such a journey to share, and I have loved the comments and feedback I have received from everyone-it has never failed to make me smile.

In the New Year, I think I will be switching to a twice a week posting system, as every day did sometimes prove to be a struggle. But I’m not going anywhere-drop me a line to say hello or if you have suggestions for things you want to see!

May your 2016 be filled with joy and love and the best of luck 🙂

Happy New Year!



my soul cries out

The train pulls away from the station

taking my heart 

and leaving me standing on the platform

with silent tears streaming down my cheeks. 

Heavy feet carry me out of the station

and into the cool night air

where the stars and moon stare down 

as passive observers to my anguish.

My soul cried out in agony

begging to be returned 

to its beloved,

and every step that takes me further

away from you

slowly tears apart my chest

until the dam splits and is rendered useless.

I stand alone on the dark and empty commons

weeping and wishing for your warmth

and your hand in mine.

My soul eagerly awaits the day

it once again stands before you

full to the point of overflowing with love.

1 December


the last sigh at the sunset of the year.

Boston has lost its leaves

and the dying sun paints the bricks with dwindling light.

The air bites, cold and vicious

yet becomes a constant companion

walking through the raw streets. 

Contentment filters into my heart,

slowly infiltrating my being,

and filling me with warmth

as I walk beside you.

Your warm hand tethered to mine

and small breaths puffing colorless into the frigid air. 

The world rushed around us

all in a hurry to arrive and be out of the cold.

Welcome to December

full of well wishers and merry makers

yet none so full of joy as us.


Humanity is Poetry

Does poetry exist solely in the realm of written and spoken word? In Literature 101 we study the famous poets and their grandiose words. We pour over Keats and Whitman, Plath and Angelou. Our professors dictate syntax and structure and length. I turn to the people next to me, and see the dejected look in their eyes, and realize that poetry to them is dry and boring and lifeless. Being taught how to create poetry has taken the enjoyment from the imagination that poetry requires. To them, poetry is a dead language of ornamental phrases. They have yet to discover the truth. Poetry does not require words to exist. Poetry lives and breathes in the way the stars shine when you are looking up in the middle of a mountain range. Poetry is in the crackling lightning and the booming surf. It is in the peacefulness of a forest meadow with shafts of sunlight filtering through the braches. Poetry is the way the wind heaves through the city and whips around the passerbys. Poetry is in your laugh and whispered words. It is in the way lovers look at each other. It is the kiss exchanged before the goodnight. Poetry is your heartbeat beneath my ear. It is your hand in mine. It is the galaxies in your eyes. Poetry lives without words because humanity is poetry.