When the music’s stopped and the moon’s gone away, the hour’s come, your feet to stray.

Walking the dimly lit streets, watching the trains go by with empty seats.

How long until the world begins to fade, when it’s gone to ebony ‘stead of jade.

Tired feet to carry you home, passing houses and churches and domes.

A warm summer breeze with the small bite of autumn, giving reminder so as not to be forgotten.

Stars shine down in celestial glory, what if, what if they could tell their story?

Birdsong in flight long left behind, time and the dawn have yet to blind.

To sleep again they go, to wait out the demons fighting below.

The war does rage on, in silence they grapple with swords drawn.

Monsters ascend from the deepest  of anguish, yearning for their minds to wither and languish.

These fiends they battle in the light of day cannot their bodies touch or slay.

Their minds and hearts strain ‘neath the weight, begging for the torture to abate.

So come and see all you who stand on by, the warriors in combat with odds defied.